Friday, October 30, 2009

Top Crist Political Advisor admits to Collaboration in anti Rubio Website

The Crist campaign may have a little more explaining to do after a top political adviser to Crist admitted that he helped develop an anti-Rubio website.

Heffley originally denied that he was involved.
"...That's insane, Heffley told Buzz. Someone forwarded him that Hitler YouTube video the other day, Heffley said, and he was so offended and annoyed about that and the barrage of one-sided attacks on Crist lately that he sent out a bunch of news articles to people who were putting together a Web site. He didn't create, but he was happy to feed it with factual news accounts in the public record..."

But this today from the Palm Beach Post

"...— TALLAHASSEE — An anonymous Web site aimed at embarrassing Republican Gov. Charlie Crist's political rival appears to have backfired after one of Crist's top political advisers admitted that he helped develop the site.

This latest twist in a suddenly sizzling primary race is at least the second time Rich Heffley, a powerful Republican political operative, has assisted a shadowy political group on behalf of Crist.

"This was me going off half-cocked and I'll never do it again," said Heffley, an influential Tallahassee lobbyist who has billed Florida Republicans nearly $6 million for campaign work in the past decade.

But the campaign for Republican Marco Rubio — a former state House speaker hoping to become the first Floridian in modern state politics to hand a primary defeat to a sitting governor - is questioning whether Heffley would have inserted himself into the U.S. Senate race without consent from Crist's campaign or the Republican Party of Florida.

"Certainly this doesn't pass the smell test," Rubio campaign spokesman Alex Burgos said..."

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