Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Marco Rubio Now Leads Crist in Florida by 3 Points

The latest Quinnipiac poll has Marco Rubio leading current Governor Charlie Crist by 3 points 47-44 in the Florida senatorial primary race.

According to Real Clear Politics , Crist once led by as much as 37 points against Rubio.  Those high-flying numbers have dropped dramatically over the past seven months.

Rubio has yet to release last quarters fundraising numbers but now that number now seems as important as ever.

Jacksonville's WOKV radio contacted the pollster early this morning for some analysis of the data surrounding the new poll. Here is the audio of that interview. Here is another link to the story posted by Jared Halpern of WOKV. They are trying to contact Marco Rubio for an interview to discuss this exciting news.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Audio: Mark Levin radio interview of Marco Rubio 01/22/10

Conservative talk show radio host and best selling author Mark Levin endorsed Florida senate candidate Marco Rubio for US senate for a second time tonight. He first endorsed him in October 2009.

Levin is very impressed with Rubio and encouraged his listeners to support Rubio thru donations a Marco Rubio.com

THIS is the Link to tonights interview.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

George P Bush Endorses Marco Rubio for US Senate

George P Bush, son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, endorses Marco Rubio for US senate in the 2010 Senate race in Florida.

Miami, FL – U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio today announced he has earned the endorsement of George P. Bush.

Making today’s announcement, Bush said, “I’ve known Marco Rubio for years and saw what he could do during the six years he spent working alongside my father promoting ideas and reform-based conservatism. He is a rock-solid conservative and the leader Floridians deserve in the U.S. Senate to advocate for limited government and greater personal freedoms. Marco’s deeply rooted principles and can-do spirit will make him a powerful voice on behalf of those who want to hold Washington accountable for its excesses while offering bold solutions to our nation’s challenges.”

Today’s announcement comes in advance of a Rubio for Senate campaign fundraiser being held tonight in Coral Gables, FL. The event is co-hosted by George P. Bush, as well as his brother, Jeb Bush, Jr., who endorsed Rubio in May 2009.

In welcoming Bush’s endorsement, Rubio said, “George P. Bush is a rising star who is carrying on his family’s great tradition of defending and promoting the Republican ideals we hold dear. As a businessman, family man and public servant, George P. Bush understands firsthand what our state and nation have at stake in the coming election. I am proud to have his support as we work to get America back on a limited government track.”

Alex Burgos-

Friday, January 15, 2010

Marco Rubio Schedule of Events Updated 4-29-11

I am going to update it as needed.
If you are in the area of a Marco Rubio event, please show up and support Florida's only conservative candidate for US Senate. Don't forget to bring your wallet or purse. :)

Below is an updated list of upcoming opportunities for you to come see Marco Rubio in person.

Don't come alone though! Pack your car with family and friends and invite even more of them to come along to meet Marco.

Below is the current schedule of stops, with additional details forthcoming:

Sunday, May 1, 2011
7:00 p.m. EDT (Service begins at 6:30 p.m.)
Senator Marco Rubio speaks at the Yom HaShoah Observance and Israel Solidarity Service
1933-45 Meridian Avenue
Miami Beach, FL

Senator Rubio will also appear on Meet the Press this Sunday May, 1 2011

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Marco Rubio: I am NOT a Tea Party Senator-I am a Republican

During yesterdays interview with Florida senatorial candidate Marco Rubio, CNBC's Larry Kudlow continued to associate Marco Rubio (R) to the "Tea Party" movement.
Even going so far as to call him a Tea Party Senator. The exchange takes place starting just before the 4:20 mark of the video below.

Kudlow: ...as a Tea Party Senator how would you deal with it?...

Rubio: ...Let me back you up on that for just a second. When you talk about the Tea Party- I am a Republican.

There is a growing trend in the MSM to vilify tea party goers as extremists, radicals, birthers, racist and the list goes on. 
I am none of the above and I attended the 912 March on Washington. I was there because I do NOT want big Government, higher taxes, and government health care. I was joined by about a million other Americans that feel the same way. I was not paid to be there and neither were they.
I was there to support freedom.
Marco Rubio is NOT a Tea Party senator or candidate. He is a republican that believes in the principles of the founding Fathers. IF some of those principles are reflected by the Tea Party movement, then so be it. You can't paint with a broad brush when trying to define the Tea Party movement.
Here is what Marco Rubio DOES support about the Tea Party movement.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Marco Rubio Wins Pinellas Straw Poll 106-54 Beats Crist on his own turf

Marco Rubio defeated Charlie Crist in the REC straw poll held tonight in Pinellas county.
Pinellas county is the home of Charlie Crist and this must be a huge blow to his campaign efforts thus far.

Marco Rubio has successfully defeated Charlie Crist in every single straw poll held in Florida over the past year.

Marco Rubio comments on tonights win!
Miami, FL – U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio issued the following statement regarding tonight’s Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee straw poll victory (106-54):

“I continue to be humbled by the outpouring of support for our campaign. Tonight, Pinellas County Republicans joined a growing chorus of Floridians voicing their support for our vision built on the timeless conservative principles of limited government, traditional values, free enterprise and individual freedom.

“Like Republicans all over this state who have stepped forward to stand with us, Pinellas Republicans understand that the way to rebuild a united, strong and expanding Republican Party is to stay true to the mainstream values all Republicans and most Americans share. Tonight’s vote reaffirms what I believe to my core: principled conservatism doesn’t just win elections, it provides a proven and successful path for governing and policy-making.”

Marco Rubio on Fox Business "Upset of the Decade"

With superlatives like "Rock Star" and "Party upset of the decade" it is hard to ignore the impact that Marco Rubio is having on the 2010 election in Florida.

Marco Rubio is making a difference in Florida and Floridians like what they are hearing.

Marco Rubio (True conservative) vs Charlie Crist (Moderate RINO)
Here is the video from today's Cavuto show on Fox Business:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Paul Ryan Endorses Marco Rubio as New Generation of Republicans

This morning the Marco Rubio campaign announced the endorsement of Rubio by Paul Ryan.

Miami, FL – U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio today announced that he has earned the endorsement of Congressman Paul Ryan (WI-01).

Making today’s announcement, Congressman Ryan said, “In the coming years, America faces critical decisions on government spending, taxes and entitlements that will require idea-driven leaders. Marco Rubio has proven he is exactly the type of consistent, principled conservative the Republican Party needs to ensure the relationship between the federal government and the individual is one that maximizes freedom and prosperity.

“Marco’s record of conservative leadership offers convincing evidence that he will hold Washington accountable, prevent government from wasting our tax dollars and lead a new generation of Republicans offering bold, innovative solutions to the challenges our nation faces in the years ahead.”

Welcoming Ryan’s endorsement, Rubio commented, "Paul Ryan has become one of the Republican Party’s brightest stars because of his willingness to tackle today’s policy challenges with innovative and compelling conservative ideas. Paul Ryan’s willingness to stand up for his principles and offer real solutions to our nation’s challenges has made him one of the GOP’s intellectual giants and a leader taxpayers can depend on to look after them and their hard-earned dollars. I look forward to working with Paul in Washington to promote freedom, protect taxpayers and show why Republicans are the party of ideas.”

Monday, January 4, 2010

Marco Rubio: Obamacare Unconstitutional

The Rubio campaign issued a press release today that supports Florida Gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum’s oppositon to Obamacare based on constituional grounds.

Rubio had already expressed his opposition to the healthcare plan on Chrismas eve.

"What transpired in Washington this year and especially during this health care debate is nothing short of big government run amok. In their quest to pass a bill by any means necessary, Democrats have relied on the worst elements of the legislative process and proven there is no price they aren’t willing to pay. In their push to ram through these misguided policies, President Obama, Senate Leader Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi have shown no regard for the unexceptional future they are threatening to leave our children and grandchildren."

Today the Rubio campaign released the following statement regarding the issue.

Attorney General Bill McCollum’s efforts to challenge the constitutionality of federal health care legislation:

“I commend Attorney General McCollum’s pre-emptive effort to clean up the mess federal health care legislation stands to make if it becomes law. In their quest to pass a bill by any means necessary, Democrats have proven there is no price they aren’t willing to pay even if it means violating the U.S. Constitution through the imposition of an individual mandate that would force Floridians to obtain insurance or face penalties.

“As attorneys general and elected officials across the country have pointed out, the government takeover of health care rammed through Congress runs contrary to the freedoms Americans have enjoyed since our founding. This is particularly true in Florida where our state constitution guarantees us ‘the right to be let alone and free from governmental intrusion into [our] private life.’ Accordingly, I support Attorney General McCollum’s effort to question the constitutionality of the health care legislation and his office’s exploration of Florida’s legal options should this legislation eventually become law.

“When he endorsed President Obama’s failed stimulus, Charlie Crist embraced a policy that similarly called for more taxes, more spending and more government intrusion into Floridians’ lives. It also helped Democrats set the course for other government interventions like this health care policy.

“Aided by the support of a few Republicans like Charlie Crist, President Obama and the Democrat Congress have been unrelenting in their push toward big government intrusions in economic policy, energy policy and health care policy. In the face of this relentless onslaught, individual states should take necessary action to protect their citizens’ freedom and limit government by pursuing bold actions to tighten the reins on Washington. State leaders have an obligation to speak clearly and forcefully against what is being done in Washington on health care, and I commend Attorney General McCollum for doing just that.”

Charlie Crist uses fellow Democrats Talking Points Memo

In December TBO.com ran the story "High Speed Rail To Bring Jobs To Florida"

In the video attached to the story above, Charlie Crist says, "And the most important point I want to make about this project is Jobs Jobs Jobs." It's at the 20-25 second mark.

Fast forward to today when I saw this video demonstrating the "network" of talking points used by the Democrats to get their message out . It is used on both sides and can be effective at times.

Unfortunately for Charlie Crist he decided to use the memo that he most favors. The Democrats!

Perhaps Charlie became "confused" again.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Crist Headed to a 20 Point Defeat?

During a special broadcast on WOKV radio in Jacksonville Florida today, host Jared Halpern interviewed Mason-Dixon pollster Brad Coker about the 2010 Florida senate race bewtween Marco Rubio and current Governor Charlie Crist.

During the interview Coker predicted a possible 20 point loss for Crist.

The last Mason-Dixon poll for the Florida senate race was in June and showed a 28 point lead for Crist.

A more recent poll from Rasmussen reports shows the race tied at 43-43

I don't know how Coker came up with the number of a 20 point loss by Crist but I find it "interesting".
I am not a pollster so perhaps I have to rely on the "instincts" of someone on the inside of the business.

The reference to a Crist loss comes just after the 2 minute mark of the audio below after a short commercial:

"...Right now I think he (Crist) could be headed to a 20 point defeat!" ---Brad Coker