Monday, October 5, 2009

Karl Rove Endorses Marco Rubio-Snubs Charlie Crist

Former Presidential advisor to George W Bush ,Karl Rove, has endorsed former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio for US Senate.

Rove chose Rubio over moderate republican and current Florida Governor Charlies Crist.

Rove joins a list conservative big shots in supporting Rubio.
Rubio has been endorsed by:
Senator Jim DeMint
Ginny Brown-Waite
Mike Huckabee
Laura Ingraham
Mark Levin
Dick Army
Newt Gengrich
and many other well know conservative.....

Read the entire story at MSNBC.

While Crist has financially overwhelmed Rubio to date, there are many Republicans -- particularly those in Flordia that are close to former GOP Gov. Jeb Bush -- who have publicly become more comfortable airing their skepticism about Crist in public. One of those Republicans with close ties to the Bush family, Karl Rove, has signaled his preference with his wallet. Rove confirms to NBC News that he has contributed a $1000 to Rubio's campaign, the donation will be made public when Rubio files his next FEC report (due Oct. 15).


  1. The hyperlink to the story doesn't work.

    This is a great endorsement for Marco. Hopefully it signals the start of a trend where big name polticians will come out publicly in support of the Rubio campaign.

  2. Thanks Arty
    I'll fix it. You are correct that this endorsement will go a long way to help Rubio.