Monday, October 26, 2009

Rush Limbaugh: It has Begun

In six short minutes, Rush Limbaugh summed up exactly what I have been thinking for months now.

Although he did not mention Florida's Senatorial candidate Marco Rubio (R) by name, he did mention the race in Florida in which "conservatism is on the rise". Is that an endorsement of Marco Rubio? Rubio is the only conservative in the race for US senate in Florida for 2010. His rival, Gov Charlie Crist, is widely considered a moderate at best.

This coupled with fact that Rush was in attendance during a Marco Rubio Fundraiser at the West Palm Beach restaurant Pistache  in September may be a big hint as to where Limbaugh's instincts have taken him. I am not saying that Rush has endorsed Rubio (yet). But I am saying that it is easy to deduce his thought process in regards to his hopes for the outcome of the Florida senate race based on what he is saying.

Here is a partial transcript of Rush' remarks. The full transcript is available at the link below.

Conservatism on the Ascendency

RUSH: ... In the first hour today we had this from Rasmussen Reports: "73% of Republican voters say congressional Republicans have lost touch with their base. Just 15% of Republicans who plan to vote in 2012 state primaries say the primary's representatives in Congress have done a good job representing Republican values," and that would be conservative values. So you're not alone. You're among 73%. Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum have now thrown down in the New York election. They have endorsed Doug Hoffman. Talk radio has thrown down, ditto Florida. Conservatism is in the ascendancy. Conservatives are ascending, money is flowing and we're turning a corner...
These "Republicans first" and these Republicans-in-name-only, these people who claim that they want to be moderate Republicans, "That's the only way we're ever going to be win the broad-based election," are just missing the point. I don't know what's so hard to figure out about going back to 1980 and 1984 and looking at the results. Sarah Palin is defying the party. Rick Santorum is defying the party. Forty-nine percent say no health care reform better than the current plan. This also from Rasmussen. Slowly we creep, my friends, to getting a majority of people who understand. "Forty-nine percent of voters nationwide say that passing no health care reform bill this year would be better than passing the plan currently working its way through Congress." I think it has begun.

Click here for the entire transcipt.

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