Saturday, October 30, 2010

Video:Marco Rubio's Closing Argument. A Generational Choice

I guess this may be one of the last posts I produce on this site. It has been an honor and a pleasure to provide updates and information to those who support Florida senatorial candidate Marco Rubio. I hope I have helped you in deciding to vote for him.

I first heard of Rubio in early 2009 and was fortunate enough to be attending a conference in June of 2009 where Rubio spoke to a large crowd of attendees about his vision for Florida and for the entire nation. He was basically a newly minted candidate and was way behind in the polls. He overcame the opposition with fresh ideas, principles, integrity, and the message that America is an exceptional nation that deserves the kind of leader that will preserve it's greatness.

Please take the time to listen to Rubio's closing arguments. My next post will be to announce his Victory in the 2010 Florida race. Then I will move on to 2012.

Thanks for visiting.