Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Marco Rubio vs Crist in Palm Bch Co. Straw Poll Oct. 14th

The Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee will hold the next straw poll in Florida's Senatorial race bewteen former House Speaker Marco Rubio and current Governor Charlie Crist on Wednesday October 14th.

Thus far, Rubio has crushed Crist in local straw polls. Rubio has skunked Crist 11-0 in polls across state. Rubio has won by HUGE margins.

Crist may be sensing the heat. He decided to make an unannounced visit to the Pinellas County Republican Party meeting Monday night.  This visit may illustrate that Crist is starting to understand that he is not held in great favor amongst many Florida conservatives and so he is scrambling to the right to stop the bleeding.

Crist's contributions dropped by half last quarter while Marco Rubio's contributions nearly tripled to 1 million dollars.

The Palm Beach Post printed the following on Oct. 11th:

Palm Beach County's Republican Executive Committee, which split 65-65 on an August motion to "censure" Gov. Charlie Crist for embracing President Obama's stimulus package and other departures from Republicanism, will conduct a straw poll Wednesday on the Republican U.S. Senate race between Crist, former House Speaker Marco Rubio and six other Republicans.

Udate: Rubio won the straw poll 90 to 17 over Crist. Click here for list of all straw polls held thus far.

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