Saturday, October 3, 2009

Marco Rubio Hits Back Twice as Hard

In a letter to supporters, the Marco Rubio campaign sent out this email in response to Charlie Crist's newest attacks against rival Rubio.

The Rubio team does not seem intimidated by the tactics. In fact, they hit back twice as hard asking for Crist to debate the issues.  Crist has continued to hide from any debates.

Here is the letter(with links):

We all knew this day would eventually come. After months of negative headlines about his stewardship of Florida, pretending he is unopposed in the GOP primary and refusing to debate Marco Rubio on the issues affecting Florida’s and America’s future, Charlie Crist has finally acknowledged he has a real fight on his hands and is reverting to his tried and tested approach of smearing whoever stands in his way.

Faced with Marco’s growing momentum and a public growing increasingly sour about his own record of supporting tax increases, the wasteful Obama stimulus package and cap-and-trade, Crist and his allies are lashing out with misleading, negative and personal attacks. As the Miami Herald reports today, “Crist allies are starting to push back at the notion that Rubio is a conservative’s dream candidate.”

Unfortunately for Crist and his allies, they are running up against a wall of respected conservatives who have seen Marco up close and can vouch for his credentials:

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich: “… has pegged Rubio as a rising national political figure and calls 100 Ideas ‘a work of genius.’”

Former Gov. Jeb Bush: “He’s got all the tools. He’s charismatic and has the right principles.”

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey: “Marco Rubio is a champion of freedom and an inspiring leader for the next generation of the conservative movement. His track record and conservative convictions are a breath of fresh air in a party looking for new leaders to advance the principles of limited government, lower taxes and economic liberty.”

Sen. Jim DeMint: “There is no question Marco Rubio will be a big part of the Republican Party’s future, but I believe if we are to defeat the forces of Big Government now controlling Washington, Marco Rubio needs to be a big part of the Republican Party’s present. He has the skills and ideas we need to rebuild our party, reform our government, and renew our nation.”

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist: Rubio is “the most pro-taxpayer legislative leader in the country.”

Syndicated Columnist George Will: “His preventive medicine includes limited government, tax reform, spending restraint and removal of all impediments to the entrepreneurship that makes America a place ‘where poor people can put billionaires out of business.’”

National Radio Host Laura Ingraham: “He's not the favorite in this race, but he's the best one running. I'm all about supporting true conservatives.”

You see, Marco has the truth on his side and the conservative credentials to back it up. But he needs your help to get the word out and fight the smears, which is why we’re asking you to help today in two ways:

First, help make sure Marco has the resources to set the record straight by donating to his campaign. Your support will help ensure Marco’s message reaches all Floridians.

Second, urge Charlie Crist to accept Marco’s Debate Challenge. As voters, you deserve to see candidates go face-to-face on the issues of greatest concern to you. So far in 2009, Governor Crist has shown more interest in standing on stage with President Obama at a pro-stimulus rally than he has in standing on stage with Marco debating ideas. That’s not the kind of campaign you deserve.

Thanks for your support,
Team Rubio

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