Friday, July 31, 2009

Marco Rubio Destroys Charlie Crist in Yet Another Straw Poll

From Florida's The Buzz

Marco Rubio crushes Charlie Crist in another straw poll
If Republican Executive Committees decided statewide primary elections, Charlie Crist's senate campaign would be in big trouble. The Pasco and Lee county RECs have held informal straw polls lately, where Marco Rubio blew away Crist among the party faithful. Last night, the Highlands GOP held their own vote that produced 75 votes for Rubio and one for Crist.

"People were very conservative and they don't like what's going on. They're just upset with the way things are going with Crist. They think he's abandoned us,'' said state committeeman Chuck Oakes.


This is the 3rd such trouncing that Crist has received from contender Marco Rubio. Rubio has consistently beaten Crist in such straw polls.

Earlier this year Rubio has beaten Crist in Pasco and Lee Counties. Here are some stats for each county mentioned above.

In Pasco, Rubio won 73 to 9 over Crist.
In Lee County Rubio won 60 to 11.
Very stunning margins if you ask me...

Lee County: The county makes up the entirety of the Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area, and is the most populous county in Southwest Florida.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2000, the population of Lee County was 440,888. The population estimate for 2008 was 623,725

Pasco county: U.S. Census Bureau for the county is 462,715. Its county seat is Dade City, Florida. It is the 38th fastest growing county in the country with a 30.6% increase and has grown by 105,403 residents since the year 2000.

Highlands county: The U.S. Census Bureau 2006 estimate for the population was 97,346 Its county seat is Sebring, Florida. The county comprises the Sebring, Florida Micropolitan Statistical Area.

It seems as though Charlie Crist may be starting to understand what that little sticker on his side view mirror means. "Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear"

Can't wait to see Rubio again. This time in Jacksonville Beach on August 4th.

Update:August 2nd 2009
Local Florida Republican activists cool to Gov. Charlie Crist's Senate campaign...

Sept 3rd UPDATE: Marco Rubio wins another straw poll.

Rubio wins 65 to 4 over Crist

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Marco Rubio: I am NOT Quitting My Senate Race

Marco Rubio denies rumors that he will drop out of his senate race against moderate Gov. Charlie Crist.

Here is the video of the interview. Rubio makes the declaration at about the 1:30 mark of the video:

The interviewer actually compares Rubio to Obama.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gov. Charlie Crist Endorses Obama Health Care Plan?

Crist: "It's important that we pass a stimulus package. It's important. It is important to do so to help education, to help our infrastructure, and to help HEALTH CARE for those that need it the most. The most vulnerable among us.

And let me finish Mr. President by saying that we need to do it in a bipartisan way."...

I do not recall that Crist's statements in regard to health care and the Obama stimulus plan have been the subject of any questioning by the media.

Here is Crist in his own words appearing with President Obama at a rally to support the stimulus plan. The quote from Crist that I gave above starts just before the 3:00 minute mark of the video below:

A Specter in the making?...The bipartisanship meme seems to be destroying the focus of the Conservative agenda...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Marco Rubio is Winning Against Crist in a Subtle Surge

Florida Governor Charlie Crist raised over 4 million dollars for his senate campaign in the first quarter. That number seems very impressive until you look at some of the details.
When you compare Crist's numbers to his Republican opponent Marco Rubio, you may begin to see a different story than those you are reading in the Media.

So Crist raised 4 million and Rubio raised 340 thousand. That is more than a 10 to 1 margin. That number seems insurmountable until you dig a little deeper.

First of all the NRSC endorsed Crist right out of the gate without considering other possible contenders for the senate seat vacated by Mel Martinez. (They may live to regret that). Mike Huckabee excoriated the NRSC. Via MSNBC:
"Former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (R)
on Tuesday lit into the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) for endorsing Gov. Charlie Crist over another Republican in Florida’s open Senate race. Huckabee announced his official support for former state House Speaker Marco Rubio (R) in a video Tuesday. In an interview with The Hill, he criticized the NRSC for turning its back on a true conservative. 'I’m disgusted that they would take a position in a hotly contested race when you have a quality candidate like Marco Rubio, who was the youngest Speaker in the Florida House,' Huckabee said. 'This is not just some nameless, faceless guy that decided to throw his name in, who had no chance and no credibility.'"

Secondly, the media have been talking about Charlie Crist for three years or more and that is a huge advantage to Crist and his campaign.

Any Google or Yahoo news search proves that Crist has more than a 7 to 1 advantage in face time and ink over Speaker Rubio. On Google News (at this moment) it's 1,803 hits for Crist and 325 for Rubio That number ,along with the NRSC endorsement, nearly correlates with amount of money received by each candidate.

The final point comes from some recent poll results.

...While the poll did show that Governor Charlie Crist still leads former House Speaker Marco Rubio by a 51-23 vote among all Republicans, the lead is based heavily upon his high name ID and Rubio’s low name recognition to date.

The numbers tighten significantly among Republicans who consider themselves familiar with both men.
Among those so-called “informed” Republicans, Crist leads Rubio by a much closer margin of 33-31 percent...

...But as today’s poll numbers show… if the Club’s money is able to drive up Rubio’s name recognition, it’s very possible that we will see the overall polls tighten significantly in this race...

There is a little more than a year to go before the 2010 primary and I am certain that true Conservatives will rally around Marco Rubio and tell Crist and Washington DC that they are fed up with the same old pandering pork barrel politics that we have experienced over the past few years.

Crist tried to ride the coat tails of John McCain to a more successful career and even appeared with Obama to support the stimulus package. He is NOT the kind of Republican I thought he was and I won't forget it.

Marco Rubio is building a grassroots campaign for Conervatism and he is beginning to gain on Crist. The surge may be subtle but it's steady and building. Republicans are starting to watch and listen and they don't like what they are seeing and hearing from Crist.
Marco Rubio deserves to go to Washington as the next US Senator to represent Florida!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Video: Marco Rubio Ad-Let the Debate Begin

Make the right choice in 2010. Vote Rubio for Senate:

Visit to find out more and to donate to his campaign.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Audio: Ed Morrissey's Extensive Interview with Marco Rubio

This is the extensive enterview that Ed Morrissey of conducted with Marco Rubio on June 2nd 2009. Many issues are discussed.

Speaker Rubio dismisses the NRSC's choice of Crist as candidate for Florida US Senate and he says that the voters will decide.

Rubio expresses his belief that you can not ignore your principles simply because you desire to achieve victory and goes on explain the differences between himself and Crist on the issues of abortion and the 2nd ammendment.

Some of the other topics covered include the stimulus,cap and trade, and securing the borders. Rubio supports drilling off the coast of Florida.

It is obvious that Rubio has done his homework and is ready to debate the issues that concern Florida's conservatives. He has challenged Governor Crist to participate in 10 debates before the primary in August 2010. So far, Crist has refused to entertain the idea of debates with Rubio.(at least publicly)

Here is the audio. You need to click forward on the progress bar to the 32:00 mark and then listen to the 25 minute interview. It is well work the time if you want to know more about Marco Rubio.

Video:Marco Rubio on Republicanism and Crist

Here is a short Fox News interview with Marco Rubio in which Rubio challenges Crist on conservatism. I am also including the video of Crist with Obama in support of the stimulus.

This is a 4 minute video and you have to go to the 1:30 mark before Crist speaks. He also mentions healthcare in the clip. I do not recall that part of the appearance getting much media attention.

It's clear to me that Rubio is the only "CONSERVATIVE" running for US senate in Florida for the 2010 senate race.