Sunday, November 1, 2009

George Will: Rubio WILL Win 2010 Fl Senate Primary

On "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos, conservative writer and commentator George Will said of Florida's conservative senatorial candidate  Marco Rubio, "ABSOLUTELY, HE WILL WIN GOINGAWAY."

He also said that Independents are moving to the right in droves.

This follows a story written by Rubio for the National Review in regard to the NY23 race. It's easy  to understand that Rubio gets it and that he has continued to stick to his message of "conservative principles". It seems to be working.

Here is what Rubio wrote:

Today's developments in New York's 23rd Congressional District should send an encouraging message to conservatives everywhere. It is not only right and necessary to stand up for our principles, it is also an appealing strategy to Americans yearning for less government and more fiscal restraint in Washington.

While there are still four grueling days of work left, it is clear candidates willing to stand up for conservative beliefs will not face a lonely journey on the campaign trail.

For conservatives who still don't believe we can be true to our principles and win elections, I hope NY-23 serves as a wake-up call. It's time for them to join their fellow Republicans on the front lines to deliver a victory on Tuesday.

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