Friday, October 16, 2009

Rubio Campaign Responds to new Crist Radio Ad

The Crist campaign decided to spend a little of it's huge war chest by releasing a radio spot today which is airing on conservative talk radio shows. Here is the text of the Crist campaign ad. I will add the audio when I can get it. Read the Rubio campaign Response below!

Udpate: Here is the link to the audio of the Crist ad.

Washington is out of control, yet the president has the same tired answer for every problem – to spend more of your money.
I’m Charlie Crist. I’m running for the U.S. Senate because Washington needs a dose of Florida common sense.
In the last two years, federal government spending has grown by over 25 percent.
Here in Florida, I’ve slashed government by 10 percent. That’s $7 billion.
And we’ve passed the biggest tax cuts in Florida history.
Last fall, the conservative Cato Institute graded all 50 governors with a fiscal report card.
I’m proud to say that I was ranked #1 in America.
Less government, less taxes. It’s more than a slogan. It’s my commitment and the record I’ll bring from Tallahassee to Washington.
We can’t spend our way into prosperity or tax our way into growth.
Let’s cut the size of the federal government and return your family’s money so you can decide how to best spend it.
I’m Charlie Crist and I approved this message.
The Rubio campaign quickly responded with a countering fact check of the ad and released the following statement.

“Just like government can’t tax and spend its way to prosperity, Charlie Crist can’t fundraise and spend his way into being a conservative. By hitting the airwaves this early in the campaign, it’s clear he’s concerned that his abysmal economic record, embrace of Obama spending policies and Marco Rubio’s rise are a recipe for his defeat. Despite his best efforts to sell himself as a conservative, Charlie Crist can’t fool Floridians who are feeling the pain of the Crist economy and know his record of embracing wasteful stimulus spending, raising taxes and supporting cap-and-trade." -- Alex Burgos, Rubio campaign spokesman

The Sun Sintenal has a Great breakdown of the ad and tears it apart.

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