Thursday, September 17, 2009

Marco Rubio Wins Gilchrist Straw Poll-Hernando Straw poll Thursday

Marco Rubio claims another victory in Florida county straw polls being held throughout the state. Rubio has not lost a single vote and continues to trounce current Governor Charlie Crist. Crist supporters are discouraging the straw polls! I wonder why....

Rubio defeated Crist 11-1 in the small county of Gilchrist. A larger straw poll is expected on today Thurday Sept,17 in Hernando County.

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Here is a link to the full story from

Hernando, with 48,966, will be among the larger counties where local party organizations have held straw votes. County Chairman Blaise Ingoglia wouldn’t predict how the vote will go, but said, “People in this area tend to be a little bit more conservative.” He wouldn’t say who moved for the vote.

Party organizations in about half a dozen counties have held straw votes in the primary, in all cases voting for Rubio. Rubio is pitching his campaign at the conservative side of the party spectrum; his backers have been seeking to hold straw polls in county organizations, and Crist supporters oppose them.

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