Monday, September 28, 2009

Charlie Crist having Trouble with the Facts in Michigan

Florida Governor Charlie Crist seems to have trouble with some of the facts as he addresses the 28th biennial Republican Leadership Conference on Mackinac Island Michigan.

Click here for the full story. ( "Charlie Crist looks to be dissing Jeb Bush's legacy in speech" )The story above gives the TRUE details of Crist's claims.

The office of Crist's republican rival for the 2010 US senate seat, Marco Rubio, quickly responded.Here is their statement:

"Unfortunately for Charlie Crist, what happened in Michigan this weekend, didn't stay in Michigan. If the beleaguered citizens of Michigan are looking for answers to their economic problems, they can do better than listening to Charlie Crist. Michiganders should ignore Charlie Crist's suggestion that they copy his prescription of historic tax increases, bigger government, more wasteful spending and no jobs to show for it. As Floridians can attest, the pain of the Charlie Crist Economy is nothing to brag about.

"In an effort to hide his own economic record, Charlie Crist even appears to have taken a page out of the Obama playbook by blaming a Bush for what he inherited. Charlie Crist needs to own up to the fact that he inherited a state with 3.3 percent unemployment that has now soared to 10.7 percent on his watch."

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