Thursday, September 24, 2009

Absent Gov Charlie Crist Flip Flops AGAIN

Florida Governor Charlie Crist will be leaving for Chicago tonight to raise money from insurance executives he once celebrated putting "the nail in the coffin" of.


..."When the Florida legislature finished its spring session last year, Republican governor Charlie Crist hailed lawmakers for what he considered their most important accomplishment: 'You put the nail in the coffin this afternoon on the industry that was hurting our people.' ...

'I am amazed at their level of greed and I am amazed at the callous nature of their corporate decisions,' he told the St. Petersburg Times last summer." ("'He's No Jeb Bush,'" National Review, 4/7/08)


"Gov. Charlie Crist has a busy day [Thursday]: A morning meeting of the clemency board ... followed by a fundraiser in Chicago for his U.S. Senate campaign. This one is hosted by Tallahassee lobbyist Fred Karlinsky and a cadre of insurance bigwigs, including Richard Parillo Sr. and his son of the same name, execs in the United Auto Insurance Co." ("Crist's Thursday: Felon's Rights In Tally, More Cash In Chicago, St. Petersburg Times, 9/23/09)
Charlie Crist still seems to have a propensity to follow the direction of  the nearest "wind sock" without regard to his constituency.

He continues to ignore the conservative base and allows himself to be persuaded by those who prefer a more liberal tack.

I am amazed at the callous nature of  HIS decisions and his refusal to debate a boni fide opponent (Marco Rubio) during the campaign.

This isthe same Charlie Crist who supported Barack Obam's Stimulus Plan and said,
"It's important that we pass a stimulus package. It's important. It is important to do so to help education, to help our infrastructure, and to help HEALTH CARE for those that need it the most. The most vulnerable among us. And let me finish Mr. President by saying that we need to do it in a bipartisan way."... 

Later he changed his mind for political expediency and called the Health Care Plan "cockamamie". 

From TBO.comORLANDO - Florida Gov. Charlie Crist called President Barack Obama's proposed health care overhaul "cockamamie" as he and the state Republican Party tried Saturday to get activists charged up for the 2010 election year.


  1. Perhaps we should call him Charlie Twist, since he likes playing the game of Twister with his politics.

  2. He could make a pretzel jealous with his style. That's why I called it "wind sock" politics... :)

    Thanks for visiting the site.