Monday, August 24, 2009

Rubio Continues to Stomp Crist in State Straw Polls

Marco Rubio has scored yet another victory in a county straw poll. Rubio destroyed Gov Charle Crist 23 to 2 in the Bay County REC straw poll.

Rubio has not lost a straw poll yet that I have seen. Some party officals in certain counties are even afraid to conduct a straw poll for fear of the results.

It is unlikely that the committee, with about 300 members, will actually hold a poll vote Monday night. The more likely scenario: Some activists will push to set a date to hold such a vote and others will attempt to quash that -- at least for now.

Results from other straw polls are included in my earlier post here. Rubio won all of them in a big way..

UPDATE: No GOP Straw Vote in Broward County. Click here for the full story.

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