Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Florida's Newest Senator George LeMieux is Crist Clone

Florida's newest Senator (a Crist appointee) has already started to side with Democrats. With his first opportunity to support Conservatives he failed miserably.

LeMieux supported the censure of representative Joe Wilson. Wilson is now famous for yelling "You lie!" during President Obama's help care speech during a joint session of congress.

From AP:
LeMieux: Censure Joe 'You Lie' Wilson
AP: "That was embarrassing and shameful," said LeMieux, who watched the address from the House visitors' gallery. "Everybody in the chamber just gasped. He should be censured."

UPDATE: LeMieux has the nerve to send out this letter to his Florida voters:
..."I thank Senator Mel Martinez for his service and his assistance during this transition; he is a great example of the fulfillment of the American Dream. I look forward to continuing the Florida tradition of working together with my colleague, Senator Bill Nelson to ensure that Florida's interests are well protected in the United States Senate." (Of course Nelson is a Democrat.)

He went on to say..."There are tremendous issues facing this nation, and although my time in Washington will be brief, I intend to work hard every day to address these critical challenges and serve the people of this unique, diverse and wonderful state."
Except when it makes Democrats mad....

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