Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Marco Rubio: "Crist is a Fair Weather Republican"

From Politco.com

Marco Rubio does not hold back when he explains the tactics that Charlie Crist will use to try for a win in the 2010 Florida Senate race.

Rubio has been consistent in his values and policies while Crist has based his decisions on the latest poll results. Crist tries to use popular sentiment as a guide to HIS future and totally disregards those with true principles that disagree with him.

..."At the same time, Crist’s support for the stimulus continues to embolden conservatives such as Rubio to attack the governor as a fair-weather Republican — a complaint he has lodged repeatedly in their primary battle. Rubio’s campaign press releases now refer to the issue as the “Charlie Crist-backed-stimulus-bill.”

“I have no doubt that Charlie Crist is willing to go to Washington and oppose the Obama administration if it’s popular,” Rubio said in an interview. “If it’s popular to be with the Obama administration, he’ll be with them — that’s what he proved last February.”

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