Sunday, September 20, 2009

Charlie Crist Plays Word Games with the ACORN Controversy

Charlie Crist is playing political word games to support his position on the ACORN controversy. Crist's office was quoted this week as saying, "...there is "no evidence" of a "voter fraud problem" in Florida...". This simple statement on it's own may be true but it is an obvious attempt at diverting attention away from "Voter REGISTRATION Fraud".

It stands to reason that one would first have to commit voter registration fraud before voting fraudulently. If that somehow escapes Charlie Crist then he needs to have his advisors educate him on the voting process.

Voter registration fraud is a FELONY and Crist acts as if it never happened. Maybe he needs to talk to Florida state attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle. I'm sure he can find her number.

The case in Florida is simple and the information is readily available to those who are actually willing to take the time investigate a little.

Here is a story via FoxNews

"...Federal and state authorities in Miami are still searching for five of the 11 people suspected of falsifying information on hundreds of voter registration cards -- including registering the name of the late actor Paul Newman -- the Florida Department of Law Enforcement told Thursday.

Six people were taken into custody Wednesday as arrest warrants were issued for 11 workers hired by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now -- or ACORN -- on charges of voter registration fraud.

Florida state attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle said the 11 workers hired to register voters by ACORN in Homestead, Fla., submitted 888 fraudulent names -- which included names of people who were already registered voters, fictitious names, and the name of the late actor Paul Newman, who died in Sept. 2008...

...In a statement sent to on Wednesday, Florida ACORN board member Leroy Bell said, "We want to commend the state attorney for taking decisive action. Today's action demonstrates the seriousness we brought to the task of not only expanding the electorate, but also of protecting the integrity of the voting process. "...

The story gets a little more interesting when you look at the actual arrest affidavit.

It seems that only 25% of one workers cards were analyzed out of a total of about 160 for a total of 40. Out of the 40, 37 of them could not be matched to a living person.

If you extrapolate that out to the total number submitted by Williams you would come up with 147 Fraudulent Voter Registrations out of 160. Extraordinary that Charlie Crist does not seem to find this a problem.

This is just ONE OFFICE in the whole state and ONE person.  The next question I have for Governor Crist is how many of these fraudulent submissions have been accepted and are you willing to follow thru and investigate ALL of them to see how many people may have been able to cast invalid votes during the 2008 election?

Identifying the fraudulent registrations is only the first step. Will you demand that the second step be taken or are you in the same camp as Barack Obama.

''I think that there's probably less [fraud] than is being discussed. As we're coming into the closing days of any campaign, there are some who enjoy chaos,'' Crist told reporters. Crist made his comments as the Republican National Committee hosted a conference call with reporters to tie Democrat Barack Obama to suspicious voter-registration cards submitted by ACORN across the nation and in four Florida counties, including Broward.- Charlie Crist via The Buzz

"... it's[The Acorn Scandal] not something I'm paying a lot of attention to."
         --Barack Obama Here is the video.

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