Friday, July 31, 2009

Marco Rubio Destroys Charlie Crist in Yet Another Straw Poll

From Florida's The Buzz

Marco Rubio crushes Charlie Crist in another straw poll
If Republican Executive Committees decided statewide primary elections, Charlie Crist's senate campaign would be in big trouble. The Pasco and Lee county RECs have held informal straw polls lately, where Marco Rubio blew away Crist among the party faithful. Last night, the Highlands GOP held their own vote that produced 75 votes for Rubio and one for Crist.

"People were very conservative and they don't like what's going on. They're just upset with the way things are going with Crist. They think he's abandoned us,'' said state committeeman Chuck Oakes.


This is the 3rd such trouncing that Crist has received from contender Marco Rubio. Rubio has consistently beaten Crist in such straw polls.

Earlier this year Rubio has beaten Crist in Pasco and Lee Counties. Here are some stats for each county mentioned above.

In Pasco, Rubio won 73 to 9 over Crist.
In Lee County Rubio won 60 to 11.
Very stunning margins if you ask me...

Lee County: The county makes up the entirety of the Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area, and is the most populous county in Southwest Florida.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2000, the population of Lee County was 440,888. The population estimate for 2008 was 623,725

Pasco county: U.S. Census Bureau for the county is 462,715. Its county seat is Dade City, Florida. It is the 38th fastest growing county in the country with a 30.6% increase and has grown by 105,403 residents since the year 2000.

Highlands county: The U.S. Census Bureau 2006 estimate for the population was 97,346 Its county seat is Sebring, Florida. The county comprises the Sebring, Florida Micropolitan Statistical Area.

It seems as though Charlie Crist may be starting to understand what that little sticker on his side view mirror means. "Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear"

Can't wait to see Rubio again. This time in Jacksonville Beach on August 4th.

Update:August 2nd 2009
Local Florida Republican activists cool to Gov. Charlie Crist's Senate campaign...

Sept 3rd UPDATE: Marco Rubio wins another straw poll.

Rubio wins 65 to 4 over Crist

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