Saturday, June 12, 2010

Video: Marco Rubio Discusses Gulf Oil Spill with Larry Kudlow

Florida senatorial candidate Marco Rubio explains his position on "oil drilling" off the coast of Florida.

It's obvious that Rubio is concerned about what caused the disaster. He is more concerned about stopping the leak.

He is taking a pragmatic approach in the sense that he is saying --First we have to stop the leak!--Then determine what caused it!-Then decide about the future of offshore drilling in Florida.

Rubio stresses that he is in favor of drilling.

Tapping the resources available to the United States should be our priority. We must avoid being dependent on foreign oil until "alternative energy" is proven, affordable, and available on a mass scale. Otherwise we could damage an economic system that already seems to be on life support.

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1 comment:

  1. Thank God for Rubio! Crist has flipped flopped 3 times on this issue only when it was popular to do so! If Crist wants to stop Drilling then why don't he stop having his body guards drive him around in a BIG suv!