Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Marco Rubio Stands Tough against Washington Establishment

Florida republican senatorial candidate Marco Rubio has penned a tough editorial against the "Washington Establishment" at Townhall.com today.

In the article entitled "An Idea-Based Conservative Future". Rubio rails against the business as usual attitude prevailing in the nations capital. He blasts the uncontrolled spending as he offers solutions to a system that seems to be out of control.
America’s proud legacy of limited government, free enterprise and personal responsibility is under assault in Washington in the form of Obamacare, the so-called stimulus and cap and trade. Washington is broken, and there’s a fundamental question voters must ask themselves this election year: Who do you trust to fix it?... 
So what do we do to avoid their fate? Here are some commonsense ideas that will help reverse the trend we are on and put us back on the right track:

First, we should freeze non-defense and non-veteran discretionary spending at pre-Obama levels. Though it’s a relatively small part of the budget, non-defense and non-veteran discretionary spending has ballooned in recent years and must be brought under control. We should cancel the unspent stimulus funds, repeal a TARP program that has evolved into a revolving bailout and slush fund, and sunset discretionary spending programs every 10 years after the Census. This will force our political leaders to evaluate the success and cost effectiveness of each and every government program on a regular basis. Lastly, we must also rein in the size and compensation of federal government workers. We need a freeze on civilian employment and adjust their pay and benefits, which are now some 70% higher than their private sector counterparts...

To read the entire two page article please click the link provided above.

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