Friday, June 18, 2010

Charlie Crist Wins Gold in Flip-Flop-Flip Drilling Debate

Crist Points to his position on Drilling

It's really enough to make your head spin:

Winning the Gold in the Flip-Flop competition is nothing new for Florida's Governor Charlie Crist these days. He has more "positions" than a Master Yoga instructor when it comes to whether to drill for oil off the coast of Florida.

Here is the latest in a bizarre transformation designed exclusively for the purpose of political expediency!

He takes the Gold Medal with a FLIP-FLOP-FLIP!! Spectacular...

Charlie Crist On Drilling November 2005:
"I don't think it's [Drilling] good for Florida," Crist said. "I have enormous, enormous respect for the governor [Jeb Bush], as you know. But we just disagree on this issue."
Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Florida's once-solid bipartisan opposition to drilling in the Gulf of Mexico shattered Tuesday when Gov. Charlie Crist reversed course and said the state may have to allow drilling to help lower gasoline prices.
Crist was among the Republicans expressing support for Sen. John McCain's call for lifting the federal moratorium along the Outer Continental Shelf and giving states a share of petroleum revenues as an incentive for them to allow oil and gas drilling off their coasts.
Crist continued his support until he decided to run as an Independent.

As a  Republican senatorial candidate Crist said on his official website 2010:

Florida should have the ability to explore natural resources off our coastline...

Then Crist decided to run as an Independent. Without knowing what his own core principles were, he changed his mind again after the Deep Water Horizon spill and decided that banning drilling was a good thing.

From Crist's official "Independent" senatorial website 2010:

...Charlie Crist advocates for a BAN on the issuance of offshore oil leases...

So in less than five years Charlie Crist has made up , or changed, his mind three times.
Is that the kind of leadership that Florida needs to send to Washington?

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