Monday, June 21, 2010

Charlie Crist Claims "Hundreds of Thousands" of Jobs SAVED in Florida

Florida Governor Charlie Crist will say ANYTHING to get himself elected as Florida's next US senator.

Often within weeks of positing a position on issue "A" he reverses himself and chooses position "B" on the same issue.

This habit is well documented even in the "Main Stream Media".

Changing a position for political expediency is one thing. But to just flat out lie by making up the facts as you go along seems somewhat pathological.

Charlie Crist has done just that.

His official website claims that the Obama stimulus saved 80 thousand Florida jobs. Crist was the only Republican Governor to endorse Obama's plan.
"Governor Crist wisely utilized stimulus funding, making sure federal taxes paid by Floridians returned home to the Sunshine State. Because of Governor Crist’s leadership, over 20,000 teachers’ positions and 60,000 additional jobs throughout our state were saved, while important infrastructure projects were started."

Yet during his recent interview with Time, Crist clearly states that the stimulus saved "Hundreds of Thousands" of Florida jobs.

Crist: "Hundreds of thousands of people continue to have employment because of the stimulus..."

Forward to the 3:55 mark of the Time interview video to hear Crist in his own words.

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