Sunday, June 6, 2010

Proof that Charlie Crist will say Anything to get Elected

Florida senatorial candidate Charlie Crist seems to change his mind along with his socks. (If he wears any).

With the disaster of the BP Gulf oil spill, Crist has again taken an opportunity to become politically expedient on an issue that not only faces Florida but the entire nation.

I was curious about Crist's position on off shore drilling so I visited his senatorial election campaign website.

This is where I captured a "screen shot" of his position on drilling off of the coast of Florida. It was in the "drop down" menu under the heading "Energy" which has now been removed.  Here it is:
But now that the spill has occurred, Charlie is suddenly calling for a BAN on offshore drilling. The screen capture above was available less than a day ago.

When I went to the site today, I was surprised to find that it had disappeared along with many other positions that Charlie Crist once held. There is plenty of time to get to those later.

Under a "NEW" heading in the "Issues" menu you will find "Charlie Crist on Offshore Drilling". It is a complete 180 from his previous position and is what Floridians have come to expect from a Flip-Flopping pandering Governor that will say or do anything to get elected. Here is his new position:

Charlie Crist has no principles. If you believe Michael Putney he also has "no judgement or cajones".

Charlie Crist said on his senatorial website:

"This dependency(on foreign oil)  results in over $700 Billion being sent overseas to countries that hate America and kill our men and women in uniform."

Now he cant decide for HIMSELF whether this is true or not... 

In other words. When Charlie Crist reversed his opinion on drilling (twice), he decided that the troops were no longer an issue that he was concerned about. Get it? It's all about Charlie.

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