Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fox News' Megyn Kelly holds court on Turncoat candidate Charlie Crist

Fox News' Megyn Kelly discusses Florida Governor Charlie Crist's refusal to return the campaign donations made to him during his run for US senate as a republican.

Crist continued to accept donations late in to his primary campaign by claiming that he would NOT switch parties.

Crist strongly expressed his determination to remain a republican in his now infamous appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Here is the video of Crist lying to voters.

Crist was being stomped by his rival, former Florida house speaker, republican Marco Rubio.

Crist was more than 20 points down in the polls when he decided that he was no longer a "Reagan Republican" and would run as an Independent. That was just weeks after his appearance on Fox News Sunday. He then decided it was OK to keep the cash of those that believed his lies. Crist, I'm gonna KEEP IT!

Here is the video of "Kelly's Court" :