Sunday, November 15, 2009

When will Charlie Crist Quit his Senate Race

There is a strange lack of miscues on the part of  the Crist campaign over the past week and an equally strange lack of  valid criticism  of Crist from the Rubio campaign.

Something is up!! We just dont know what it is yet...

As of today, I think Crist will quit his senate bid and claim that he is doing it for the "good of the party" and will run for Gov again. (Which he will win)

Crist has lost 14 state straw polls in a row (by huge margins) and Marco Rubio has gained the support of the base.

Rubio agreed to the invitation to be the keynote speaker of CPAC in Feb.

Crist hasn't been asked to speak, though he did get some attention at last year's convention that came just a couple weeks after the governor embraced President Barack Obama and his stimulus package during a Florida rally. People booed the mention of Crist's name, and in a 10-person straw poll of potential presidential candidates, he came in dead last.
Marco Rubio has received some major endorsements from the core of the conservative movement.
Club for Growth
Jim DeMint
Mike Huckabee
Laura Ingraham
Jeb Bush Jr.
Dick Armey
Mark Levin
George Will
Karl Rove

With the growing support for Marco Rubio and falling poll numbers for Charlie Crist, it is just a matter of time before Crist decides that he should remain as Governor and not risk losing power all together. After all, he is a "pragmatist" (RINO).

Crist's run for senate is hurting the GOP establishment in Florida. I think he may finally  get it!

As a political junky, I can smell the failure that the Crist camp has tried to endure. They are floundering. I expect a huge announcement within the next 10 days if not sooner. I also expect Crist to endorse Rubio which will be followed by an endorsement of Rubio by Former Governor Jeb Bush. ( I can dream can't I?)

Note: Along with the support of the base, Rubio will enjoy a huge increase in contributions from the Club for Growth and CPAC endorsements.

Update 9:00pm--Just a thought. Smells like negotiations between Rubio and the Crist camp are going on...
The Rubio campaign's charlieandobama site has been down since the day after it was launched. That is almost when both campaigns started to "make nice.  Greer is getting a lot of heat along with the other "establishment" types in Florida. Charlie the "pragmatist" may be playing the role of a Lindsey Graham just to save his own bacon and run for Gov...(just a thought)

UPDATE: 11-17-09
With state Republican leaders gathering for a closed-door meeting this week – that could include a few calls for Chairman Jim Greer’s ouster -- a maverick county chairman weighed in Tuesday with a list of what he called GOP problems, and potential solutions...
...Steele said the standard would ease bitterness flooding through the GOP, spawned by the Charlie Crist-Marco Rubio U.S. Senate race ...

Now does any of this sound anything like what I posted above? It should....

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