Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NRSC Dumps Crist for Now

The NRSC  dumps Florida senatorial candidate Charlie Crist until after the primary?

It seems that the NRSC can not seem to make up it's mind about the Florida senatorial race between current Gov. Charlie Crist and his challenger conservative republican Marco Rubio.

On May 7th, 2009 NRSC Chairman Cornyn told the Politico:

“All the signals I’ve been getting is that he probably will [get into the race], but I don’t want to make any announcements for him, because he’s the one who will ultimately decide whether to pull the trigger or not,” said Texas Sen. John Cornyn, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

But Cornyn added that he will not intervene in a contested primary, in which Crist would be facing former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio. Rubio, a conservative Republican, announced his candidacy Tuesday and has been critical of Crist for supporting President Barack Obama’s stimulus proposal.

That turned out to be a flat out lie. Five days later the NRSC endorsed Crist even though Rubio was already in the race for senate.

National Republican Senatorial Committee will be endorsing Crist, according to a senior Hill operative, marking the first time it has taken sides (for a non-incumbent) in a competitive GOP primary this election cycle.

NRSC chairman John Cornyn made the endorsement official this morning, casting Crist as the most electable candidate to hold the seat for the GOP.

"While I believe Marco Rubio has a very bright future within the Republican Party, Charlie Crist is the best candidate in 2010 to ensure that we maintain the checks and balances that Floridians deserve in the United States Senate," Cornyn said in a statement.

Today the Politico reports that the NRSC will not give Crist any money until after the Primary.

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn (R-Tex.) says he won't channel cash into any primary pitting Republican vs. Republican -- including the heated Florida Senate primary between Marco Rubio and Gov. Charlie Crist.

"As far as what's happening in specifically Florida -- we made a decision to endorse Gov. Crist at his request. But we'e really not involved in the primary," Cornyn told Manu. "That's up to the voters in Florida."

When he asked Cornyn, "But you are at least raising and spending money for Crist?" Cornyn shot back --

"No, we won't be doing any of that until after the nomination. Our job is to elect Republicans so voters in Florida will have a chance to sort that out."
It would seem that NRSC has learned a lesson or two from the Tea Party  people and last nights elections in NY,NJ, and Va.

BTW- I did not know that you could request an endorsement from the NRSC...

Update 10:15 pm- 
I just read this quote from Cornyn:

Cornyn said the NRSC is only endorsing in races where — like in Crist’s case — the candidate specifically requests its stamp of approval. He said that — notwithstanding any endorsements — his group would even offer advice on hiring and strategy to GOP challengers, like Rubio, who haven’t been endorsed.

Does this mean that if Rubio "asks" for an endorsement from the NRSC that he would actually get it?

If I were the Rubio campaign I would request an endorsement and see what actually happens.

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  1. I live in Florida.
    Christ has a great tan, he is not (yet) a Dem., but Rubio is our guy.
    We LOVE him. We have a balanced budget because of him, he brings So. Florida with him (Dem. Territory), he brings Hispanics with him and is a tight border guy.
    Christ is a dead man walking.