Monday, August 24, 2009

Video: Marco Rubio says, "Being Like them doesn't work."

Here is video from a "Drive the Discussion" appearance by US Senatorial candidate Marco Rubio.

Part One:

Part Two:

The last few minutes of the video above (part two)defines Rubio's campaign in a lot of ways.

The American people are as great as they have ever been.Now what they need is leader that is worthy of them. What the American people need are leaders worthy of the greatness of our people.

I close by saying this. It is not inevitable that our political process be degraded in this way. It is not inevitable that the scourge of modern politics be leaders that will do or say anything to get elected and manipulate public opinion. That is a choice that we will make or not make. It is not inevitable that America will be permanently diminished. That is a choice that we must make or not make and that is what my campaign will be about. About giving you one of what I hope will be many choices for a new direction for our party and our country...

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