Monday, August 3, 2009

Is Crist Losing Ground to a Rubio Surge-Crist Censured in Volusia County

From Sun
Florida Gov. Charlie Crist censured in his own state.
By Jack Furnari

In a move sure to strike fear in the hearts of the current regime in charge of the Republican Party of Florida, the Volusia County Republican Executive Committee passed a motion by voice vote Saturday morning censuring Republican Gov. Charlie Crist.

The Volusia motion ends with a wink and a nod to the Republican Party of Palm Beach County's own battle over censuring Crist. In what might be perceived as a plea for solidarity from Palm Beach County REC members, the resolution says: "Governor Crist's appointment of Democrats to boards is not limited to Volusia County. He also appointed Democrat Pricilla Taylor to the Palm Beach Board of County Commissioners; and he appointed Democrat Carrie Hill to the Palm Beach County School Board."

Back in April, the PBC Republican Party voted 66-24 to table a Crist censure motion introduced by REC member Steven Ledewitz until August. Now that August is here, the Board of Directors of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County, in anticipation of the motion being introduced again at the upcoming Aug. 12 meeting, recently voted 9-0 to oppose any motion to censure Crist.

Disclosure: As a member of the Board of Directors of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County, I voted, along with the rest of the board, against the local motion to censure Gov. Crist.

In an e-mail sent to grass-roots conservative activists across the state, former Palm Beach County resident and current Volusia County REC member Sally Stewart wrote: "This is the first step toward taking back our government. We need counties throughout the state to send a message that we don't like business as usual.... Our elected officials pander for our votes and when they gain office, turn their backs on us and do the bidding of the big-money lobbyists and special interests."

Click here to read the full article that spells out the reasons for the censure vote.

Rubio is gaining momentum and I think Crist is starting to feel the heat.

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