Friday, February 12, 2010

Rubio Campaign responds to the Crist Valentines Day Email attack

The Rubio campaign wasted no time in responding to Charlie Crist's Valentines campaign email to his subscribers.

The Orlando Sentinel probably had that best line of the day though.
“Another fuzzy position from Charlie Crist.”

They said someone like me (a Rubio supporter) might use the line above and they were right! I just did.

The Rubio campaign sent out a recap of the week email to supporters which included the following.


Crist attacks Rubio's character to mask his deep love of bigger government, more spending

Miami, FL – Desperate Charlie Crist is at it again. At a time when his poll numbers are lagging and he sees Marco Rubio raise $860,000 in ten days while continuing to attract support from respected conservatives Mike Pence and Grover Norquist, Crist is launching yet another false, negative and personal attack on Rubio under the cover of a sweet Valentine’s Day treat.

“Charlie Crist’s love of higher spending and taxes will get him nowhere with Floridians this Valentine’s Day and certainly not in August,” said Rubio for Senate spokesman Alex Burgos. “These desperate attacks aren’t the work of a 'happy warrior' being 'civil,' but they are clear signs Charlie Crist is giving up on a real debate on the issues in favor of bitter character attacks.

"Given his long track record of dirty campaigning, we have long expected Charlie Crist would go this route of negative attacks. Charlie Crist has chosen this path because he can't win on the issues, but Marco Rubio remains committed to campaigning on a limited government and free enterprise platform to get Florida and our nation back on track."

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