Monday, February 1, 2010

Marco Rubio to Launch a Major New E-Campaign Project

Marco Rubio announced plans for a major new e-campaign project during a conference call with bloggers this morning. He is lauching what spokesman Alex Burgos calls a Stimulus Money Bomb. The Goal? 787 Thousand dollars by Feb 10th. The site will be launched sometime today. It is a huge goal but they feel it can be reached. This campaign is separate from the "money bomb" currently being run by the Senate Conservatives Fund.

The Rubio campaign is confident that they reach this goal by Febuary 10th.

Rubio's current "footprint" on the internet includes his participation in several social networking sites. Here is  a current list:
Facebook 15,968 followers
Twitter 8,542 followers
Ning Network hundreds of followers and growing dailey.

Here is the link to Marco Rubio's "Stimulus Money Bomb" site.

And CONGRADULATIONS to Marco Rubio for taking a 12 point lead over Charlie Crist in the Florida senate race primary.

Update: Here is the video from Marco Rubio in regard to the "Stimulus Bomb"

Here is press release just sent out by the Rubio campaign:
Miami, FL – In the run-up to the first anniversary of the February 10 Crist-Obama stimulus rally, Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate today launched a Stimulus Fundraising Bomb with the goal of raising $787,000 in ten days.

With an appeal powered by principle and technology, is a vivid call to action for Floridians and others around the country to voice their support for limited government principles and against the failed Crist-Obama stimulus.

“Every day, I am encouraged by the growing support I see for limited government principles throughout Florida and our nation,” said Rubio. “America cannot continue on the current administration’s and Congress’ path of reckless spending and government expansion that began with the $787 billion stimulus. That initial step has only served to embolden Washington Democrats to pursue even more costly and intrusive policies on issues like health care and cap-and-trade.

“Governor Crist was wrong to support this wasteful and failed stimulus policy and has repeatedly put his faith in more spending and bigger government to create jobs. Through this fundraising effort, limited government conservatives throughout Florida and the country can help send a message that our government shouldn’t spend money it doesn’t have and that limited government is what’s made America great and prosperous.”

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