Saturday, February 6, 2010

Marco Rubio: Charlie Crist Will Not Debate Me

From Myfoxorlando
...Marco Rubio talked to Fox 35 about his close race against Crist; his thoughts on unemployment; healthcare reform; illegal immigration and several other issues...
What caught MY attention is something that that I have posted on several times. Rubio has been calling for debates for months and months. Rubio has asked for debates again and again! Why is a seasoned politician and sitting Governor afraid to debate a former House Speaker? Maybe he can't decide what he believes in or even knows.

Here is the FOX video along with a short transcript:

Reporter: How will you draw a contrast between you and Charlie Crist?

Rubio: Well that is why I want to debate him. He won't agree to debate me but that's why I want to debate him so that those contrasts become clear.

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