Friday, January 1, 2010

Crist Headed to a 20 Point Defeat?

During a special broadcast on WOKV radio in Jacksonville Florida today, host Jared Halpern interviewed Mason-Dixon pollster Brad Coker about the 2010 Florida senate race bewtween Marco Rubio and current Governor Charlie Crist.

During the interview Coker predicted a possible 20 point loss for Crist.

The last Mason-Dixon poll for the Florida senate race was in June and showed a 28 point lead for Crist.

A more recent poll from Rasmussen reports shows the race tied at 43-43

I don't know how Coker came up with the number of a 20 point loss by Crist but I find it "interesting".
I am not a pollster so perhaps I have to rely on the "instincts" of someone on the inside of the business.

The reference to a Crist loss comes just after the 2 minute mark of the audio below after a short commercial:

"...Right now I think he (Crist) could be headed to a 20 point defeat!" ---Brad Coker


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