Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Marco Rubio: I am NOT a Tea Party Senator-I am a Republican

During yesterdays interview with Florida senatorial candidate Marco Rubio, CNBC's Larry Kudlow continued to associate Marco Rubio (R) to the "Tea Party" movement.
Even going so far as to call him a Tea Party Senator. The exchange takes place starting just before the 4:20 mark of the video below.

Kudlow: a Tea Party Senator how would you deal with it?...

Rubio: ...Let me back you up on that for just a second. When you talk about the Tea Party- I am a Republican.

There is a growing trend in the MSM to vilify tea party goers as extremists, radicals, birthers, racist and the list goes on. 
I am none of the above and I attended the 912 March on Washington. I was there because I do NOT want big Government, higher taxes, and government health care. I was joined by about a million other Americans that feel the same way. I was not paid to be there and neither were they.
I was there to support freedom.
Marco Rubio is NOT a Tea Party senator or candidate. He is a republican that believes in the principles of the founding Fathers. IF some of those principles are reflected by the Tea Party movement, then so be it. You can't paint with a broad brush when trying to define the Tea Party movement.
Here is what Marco Rubio DOES support about the Tea Party movement.

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