Monday, July 12, 2010

Marco Rubio Shatters Fundraising Record

Florida senatorial candidate Marco Rubio announced today that his campaign has received more than $4.5 million dollars in campaign contributions for the 2nd Quarter.

This is a new national record for a senatorial candidate.

I just left a Blogger conference call held by the Rubio campaign in which they covered several important issues and confirmed to Hotair's Ed Morrissey that the fundraising totals were indeed correct.

Over 75,000 donors have contributed to Rubio's campaign.
99% of the donors have not maxed out their ability to contribute.
The average contribution is $85.50.
Pretty impressive stuff.

Among the other issues discussed were the Deep Water Horizon oil spill and it's affect on Florida.

Rubio was asked whether he thought that Florida's Governor Charlie Crist was leveraging his office for political gain in regard to the oil spill. Rubio said , "It's indisputable." He went on say, "We can not use Northwest Florida as a prop."

Rubio said that he would soon release  major proposals focusing on the economy. The proposals will include those designed to grow the economy, create new jobs, and promote new industries.